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Luckiest Casino Winners of All Time

Luckiest Casino Winners of All Time

From Vegas to Victoria and every city in-between, casino games remain a much-loved source of entertainment and enjoyment. Whilst some pin their dreams of a big win on their latest hand in a professional game of Texas hold ’em poker, some of the biggest winners in history have been ordinary people playing ordinary progressive slot machines. The common denominator? There isn’t one; they just got lucky.

Some of the best wins have occurred when logging in to a casino online. In October 2004, 45-year-old Canadian Silvana3 made a two-week wait that changed her life forever. Having signed up to InterCasino on October 18th, Silvana3, who had never gambled before, didn’t use her account for another two weeks. During that time, the progressive jackpot on slot game Rags to Riches grew to over £250,000 and InterCasino staff were eagerly expecting it to burst at any moment.

After a six-minute gambling career, Silvana3 had waged $13 (£8) and netted a 22,046 times return with winnings of a staggering $286,609 (£181,909)! Silvana3’s win was not only the highest payout at that date, but was also the quickest win in InterCasino’s history.

The UK’s highest grossing winner was CrazyDaiz; another user who can credit their new-found wealth to the InterCasino game Rags to Riches. In 2003, what CrazyDaiz describes as ‘women’s intuition’ made her change her mind when switching off her computer to go to bed; she logged back into InterCasino and, after only two spins, was $211,921.96 (£130,429.57) richer.

In March 2010 another online win was made by 40-year-old Norwegian man, Peter; this time at the hands of progressive slot machine game Arabian Nights. Placing a maximum bet of just €5 (£4), Peter became a multi-millionaire in seconds by doing a single spin on the virtual machine.

When Peter saw five princes smiling back at him, he knew he had hit the jackpot. Peter won a whopping €4.8 million (£4.2 million, which he received as 38,119,098.24 Norwegian Crowns) in just one click of the mouse. At the time, this was the largest single casino win ever paid out by Swedish gambling group Betsson.

Of course, not all of the big wins in the world are ones which have occurred online. In 2003, a man from LA (who remains anonymous), had a few hours to spare before going to watch an NCAA basketball game, so stopped by an Excalibur casino. What started as a $100 (£61.50) wager on a progressive slot machine ended up as being a jackpot of over $39.7 million (£24.4 million).

Lightening struck twice for 92-year-old Elmer Sherwin; the first time in 1989 and then 16 years later, in 2005. A regular gambler at the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas, Sherwin was Megabucks’ first jackpot winner when he was 71 years of age. After receiving his $4.6 million (£2.8 million) winnings, Sherwin kept gambling; both for pleasure, and because he knew nobody had ever hit the jackpot twice before and he was determined that he would be the first. After 16 years, and at the age of 92, Elmer Sherwin won the jackpot for a second time, this time raking in $21 million (£12.9 million). A large portion of his money was donated to charities supporting the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Progressive slot machines are a great way to gamble without necessarily needing skills such as those required for card games like poker, while still having great scope to win. While you may not win as quickly as some, and might not make as much money, by gambling responsibly you have little to lose, great fun to be had and everything to gain.

So, next time you’re passing a casino, or see a fruit machine in a pub, take a few moments to have a go on it; sometimes, it seems, the most ordinary of us can be the biggest winners.

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